Missing PHP execution modes cgi and fcgid in configuration check

Ubuntu Linux:

I have restored to a new server multiple Virtual Hosts. I created a default Virtual Server and all 4 PHP script execution modes are available in the PHP options dialogue window.

The restored Virtual Servers do not have these available, Only mod-php and FPM and two only have mod_php.

Wondering how to make these selections available. The one Virtual Server won’t serve pages in mod_php mode.



Please refer to our guide on how and which PHP packages should be installed.

Thanks Ilia,

I reran the install routines as suggested in the guide. This does not provide the options for PHP script execution modes CGI or Fcgid. The one virtual server that had only the mod_php option now also has FPM as an option and selecting this resolved page load issues. But…

I still want to know how to enable CGI and Fcgid option in these Restored Virtual Domains as Fcgid just runs better. It is available on any new virtual domains I set up. What am I missing please?

Found the issue! Yea! SuExec was pointing incorrectly to the wrong directory. Edited the file and all is well!!

Consider this closed! Thanks!!!

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Can I ask you, please provide details for the future readers.

Do you refer to /etc/apache2/suexec/www-data suexec config file?

Sounds like an incomplete install. You probably have other problems you haven’t discovered yet (but will, once you start trying to get mail working, etc.). If this is a new install and you can start over easily, I’d recommend it… and make sure the install completes. Watch the running count of items to be sure they all run and are all green (a yellow for quotas is OK and unavoidable on some systems). It provides a running tally so it is easy to spot if something didn’t run, e.g. [12/23], if it stops any point before [23/23] completes, you don’t have a complete install and need to figure out why.

Also, how did mod_php get onto your system? It shouldn’t be there. No one should be using mod_php on new deployments at this point.

So on the old server I had the Directories of the Virtual Servers stored in a directory not named ‘Home’ on a raid array. And I am now recollecting that I had a similar issue originally when I made this change.

So in a nutshell, when you place the Virtual Server directories in a Directory that is not the ‘Home’ directory besides the configuration settings ‘Default for new domains’ a change in the ‘suExec’ configuration must also be made. /etc/apache2/suexec/www-data line one defines the directory for the Virtual Servers and by default is /Home change this to /yourdirectory and everything works great.

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