Missing modules for virtual server administrators

I’ve installed and activated the plugins Git repositories, Subversion repositories and Mailman in Virtualmin. All Virtual servers got them as “Allowed features for servers”.

When I login as a virtual server administrator I can’t find the plugins under Services (Virtualmin Framed Theme or Authentic Theme) so it isn’t possible for the administrator to create or administrate Git, SVN repos or mailing lists.

When I look back in my old manuals that I wrote for the administrators I wrote:

  1. Login to control panel (Webmin)
  2. Go to Servers->Virtualmin Git Repositories

When I wrote that everything worked and it was written 12 Sept 2012.

When I try to browse to the URL http://host/virtualmin-git/ I get: Access denied : User xxxxx is not allowed to use the Virtualmin Git Repositories module

I will answer my own question.

The answer is found here: https://www.virtualmin.com/node/28589

“Try going to System Settings - Server Templates - Default settings - Administrators Webmin Modules, and make sure that access to the mailman module is enabled.”