Missing Field: Real Name

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.4
Virtualmin version 7.9.0

When i try to create (or edit after created) a new user, the field REAL NAME is not showing. Editing old users, the field is available, but new users came without this field

Between “password” and “login temporarily disabled” must have the “Real Name” Field

Some tip about it?

I think this may have been sorted and is pending the next update.

shows for me

It does for Edit User but NOT for New User

I am pretty sure that this was brought up a while ago and IIRC fixed (but not released yet) of course it can be done by creating and then editing the user so not a critical issue.

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when editing the oldest users i can see the field, but editing the newests, the field is gone, not just creating, but editing too

You are right! I had to build a new VM to confirm it. On the slightly older VM I checked with yesterday it was there. Perhaps this is more serious. Perhaps the older fix I referred to was rolled out and this is slightly different. I have to admit that most users on my VS are added with the “batch create option” method.

Perhaps the fix didn’t really work and we need @staff to review it?

Yes this is a bug - you can’t edit the real name of a user who doesn’t have a real name yet! We’ll fix it in the next release…

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