Minor(?) bug in Virtualmin GUI Search

In the Virtualmin GUI search line, search for “Fail2ban” gives this result:

Searching for fail2ban . . . found 0 results :

No Webmin modules or pages matching fail2ban were found.

  • Probably ought to say “Virtualmin” instead of “Webmin” on the last line
  • Should it auto-search webmin as well? (a search in the webmin tab provides the answer)
    • (Perhaps only on Virtualmin search failure?)
Operating system Debian Linux 11
Webmin version 2.013
Virtualmin version 7.5


It is found for me:

I think we are getting back to the issues you described earlier that happened after distro upgrade (Debian 10 → 11).

@Ilia I apologize…I wan’t explicit enough. I wasn’t using package search. Just the generic gui search in the left column of Virtualmin.

That’s surprising behavior.

@Ilia, why is search on the Virtualmin menu not returning Webmin module results? That doesn’t make sense. (When you search for fail2ban on the Webmin menu search box, it returns the fail2ban module, as expected. I’ve confirmed this behavior.)

It doesn’t seem to be needed to have it returned in Virtualmin, as Virtualmin is a separate module, and should have separate results. Also, it makes no sense to search for it using Webmin (server) search because you would get fail2ban on the autocomplete as you start typing. Besides we have favorites for managing quicker access and configurable hotkeys for super quick access to any module.

That really doesn’t make sense. I think any reasonable person would assume the search box would return results from all of Webmin.

It’s not about quicker access! It’s about finding the damned thing! There are a hundred and some odd modules!

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Alright. I don’t mind changing it as suggested. Next Webmin release will include updated theme version which will fix that.


(I admit a bit of confusion. Is the Virtualmin search done in Webmin? Or perhaps the overall theme is owned by Webmin releases? A year in, and I’ve still got a LOT to learn about this amazing system :smiley: )

Authentic Theme is now the default theme in Webmin, the magic search box is a feature of Authentic Theme. Older themes had search, but it was implemented differently, and without the auto-complete features, the built-in shell escape feature, and a bunch of other magic that the search box can do.

ok, and what about virtualmin? this is a seach in the virtualmin tab :wink:

As I said, the magic search box comes from Authentic Theme.

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