going 100 percent cpu

I keep logging into our server with ssh, issuing a top command and seeing the going nuts at 100% cpu…

This is really annoying, it is also eating up memory which I suspect is causing our virtual server hitting the hardlimit for memory.

How can we know what is causing this? I’ve been looking through logs and not finding anything in particular.

How do we debug the miniserv thing? Or search what is causing these cpu eating loops?

Thanks for all help!


If you look at the process using “ps auxw”, is the process that’s causing problems part of Webmin, or Usermin?

You should see “webmin” or “usermin” in the path to the program.


ps auxw gives:
root 3591 99.8 8.0 152808 84220 ? R 10:00 12:45 /usr/share/webmin/virtual-server/


The program is what performs the bandwidth monitoring. It reviews your various log files, and calculates the bandwidth usage.

If you don’t need that, or if you want it running less frequently, you can tune that in System Settings -> Bandwidth Monitoring.