Minimum requirements for Web/Virtualmin secondary DNS

What is the minimal RAM and Storage requirement if I just want to run Webmin or Virtualmin with BIND as a secondary DNS? I see VPS systems can go as low as 128MB, 256MB, 512MB in ram.
Since the system will likely never get used, I’d like to know what the minimum is.

One of mine is running perfectly fine with 512MB and 1 core.
I guess you could go as low as 256MB also, if you have some swap setup at install time (since the package manager uses a bit).
This is a Debian KVM instance, installed from ISO and currently only using around 100 or so MB of RAM.

CentOS and similar wouldn’t work, they do need a bit more RAM to work properly.

ok so maybe 256 will work. I guess I can setup a VM and test the install.

Is there a special install option in the virtualmin automated install script for secondary DNS? From what I understand, to setup the slave, I have the option of install webmin OR virtualmin. Either will work with BIND. In that case, which one do you recommend for less RAM.
I don’t mind using a different OS distro.

Don’t install Virtualmin on the slave, just Webmin and bind following the excellent Virtualmin documentation here!

Like I said, Debian is by far the lightest of the OSs available, Ubuntu a bit more of a resource hog, then the RedHat based are the “worst” in this matter, at least considering the minimum requirements for installing the OS. Once running, Debian and CentOS should be comparable.

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