Migration virtual server from plesk 9.0 to Virtual


I have to migrate a big phpBB3 forum from Plesk9.0 to virtualmin installed on a new server.

Is there a module or something to add on virtualmin to migrate a virtual server from Plesk9? Because for the moment I only see:
CPanel Backup
Ensim Backup
Plesk8 Backup
Plesk7 Backup

It’s very disapointing for me because I have no way to go back to Plesk8 or convert my plesk9 backup to Plesk 8.

Plesk9 is probably too new but a lot of people want to migrate to virtualmin because Plesk 9 is not really debugged (ie: scheduled backup are always done at 0H06 which is a busy time for servers)

Thanks for your help!


Well, good question!

I’m sure Plesk9 support is desired, though I’m not sure how far along it is.

How difficult that is depends on how different the backup files are.

What I would do is file a request in the Bugs and Issues tracker (link below), and mention exactly what you said here.

If Jamie has any tricks up his sleeve, he’ll let you know. He may ask to see a copy of the backup file so he can get it working if it doesn’t already.