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Hi, due the increased price of WHM, I guess it’s time to migrate to a different alternative the closest for performance. What I can read all around the net is that Virtualmin is the number one.
A question: is it possible the migration (as is) trying to use the same server? Actually I do have a VPS on Contabo. Almalinux and MariaDB, not more than 12 websites all mine and 3/4 in production. With your experience, do you think is doable install Virtualmin in a partition and configure the migration? Thank you.


If you’re a Linux expert and familiar with Virtualmin, I think it would be possible. However, chances of doing it right are slim. I wouldn’t recommend it! I wouldn’t do it myself unless I really had to.

I think it is much cleaner and easier to have a fresh minimal install of Grade A OS (AlmaLinux 9, Debian 12 or Ubuntu 22.04), later install Virtualmin using virtualmin-install.sh script, and then migrate using Virtualmin feature found in Add Servers ⇾ Migrate Virtual Server page.

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@Ilia thank you very much for clarifiyng your point of view that is relevant for me. So the main thing is get a VPS to make a freshh installation of OS and Virtualmin>>>migration and various tests, then eventually move back to the original VPS the entire package (I would do this step so I can save the time with DNS stuffs) after a format/reinstallation of the basic required stuffs. So from A (WHM) to B (Virtualmin) then back to A(formatted and ready to receive the migration process). Do you see damages forward? :grinning:

Yes, you should spin up a new virtual machine, for example in Vultr or Linode running AlmaLinux 9 or Rocky Linux 9 or Debian 12 or Ubuntu 22.04, install Virtualmin using latest virtualmin-install.sh script, then create a backup on cPanel side, download it and then restore it in Virtualmin using Add Servers ⇾ Migrate Virtual Server page.

Actually I do have AlmaLinux v8.9.0 STANDARD kvm, does this configuration affect a different version (Almalinux 9) flagged as new OS? I have the opportunity to get AL8 or 9. Sorry for the silly questions, but I’m in a status of game over from long time :slight_smile:

Either AlmaLinux 8 and 9 are supported and not EOL. The choice is yours.

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You should always use the latest supported version that will work with the software you need to use. Some users need very old versions of PHP or whatever…and there are limited (safe) ways to get that. But, if you can use new versions of stuff, you should use a new distribution.

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Thank you, @Joe .
I’ve been starting with a fresh new installation of Virtualmin pro on a new VPS and Almalinux 8. The process of migration of most of my sites is going ahead. Once I’ve done this, I will format the ‘old’ VPS and migrate webmin as is. I would use Almalinux 9. In WHM it wasn’t so easy as it seems the process of upgrade the OS, I still have to read the documentation about migration server with webmin/virtualmin, but the first step didn’t annoy me. It is almost clear the documentation and drove me ahead very well. The backup restoration of the accounts is going really good. I still have to understand how to preview the sites before switching server. BTW it’s the first time with virtualmin, I always had Plesk or WHM.

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