Migration from Cpanel to Webmin (emails specifically)


It’s the first time that I take a close look at webmin and I’d like to migration from Cpanel accounts.
I have some newbie questions:

  1. Is there a script or plugin that helps migrate entire cpanel accounts?

  2. If so, does it migrate email accounts as well.
    If not, how can I transfer all email users and their emails (without changing passwords if possible?)



You mentioned Webmin – if you’re open to using Virtualmin as well (which I’d highly recommend), Virtualmin does support migrating from cPanel.

What you can do is log into Virtualmin, and go into Add Servers -> Migrate Virtual Server.

You can use that screen to migrate your cPanel backups into Virtualmin.

That will handle migrating your websites, databases, email accounts, and such.


Thanks Eric.
Yes now that I know what Virtualmin is I would definitely use it.
I was afraid that I would be stuck with cPanel forever (not that it’s not a good control panel).

Sounds good… let us know if you have any other questions!