Migration from another panel - few questions

OS: Debian10

Would it be possible to use custom paths (web root) as a fixed template for all webs (customer)?
The point is I would like to migrate from i-mscp to virtualmin if possible …
The source paths of i-mscp should remain available:

# web root

# webfolder (default)

# additional (webs) domains webfolder

# subdomains

Can I import all databases with associated previous Mysql users into Mysql (old panel does not use DB clear text pw)?

Afterwards I need to generate virtualmin user configs would this be possible without an API migration?

Not with reasonable effort (and probably not at all for the sub-servers/sub-domains, I don’t think you can convince Virtualmin to work with that sort of subdirectory layout). It’d be much easier to just put everything into the usual Virtualmin paths.

It should be relatively easy to write a script to do the right things, in terms of pre-creating the domains and sub-servers, and then copying the data into the right paths. But, you’d want to create the domain first (using the virtualmin command or the GUI) and then import the data after…not the other way around.

You can import databases using the usual dump/restore method (you probably want to bring across the users and permissions, too, even if you plan to assign ownership to Virtualmin users after). You won’t be able to keep the passwords the same when assigning to the Virtualmin user, though, unless you know the passwords (possibly can be obtained from the application configs in each of the domains).

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