Migrating to new server

Hi all,

I’m ready to reinstall the Operating System of my server. If I understand correctly what I have read here http://www.virtualmin.com/node/4787 it’s not a problem at all to make a backup of one or more domains and restore them onto another server…because all settings (Server Template, Account Plan, quota’s and such) are also backupped during the backup of the domain(s) and are restored onto the new server, which means I do not have to have a 1 on 1 configuration on both servers?

On my old server I use clamav and spamassassin seperately from Virtualmin…I would like all the domains that are backupped on the old machine (that don’t use Virtualmins spamassassin and clamav features) to start using the built-in clamav and spamassassin feature of Virtualmin on the new server?
Is this done automatically, or do I need to enable spamassassin and clamav for every domain that is restored onto the new server?

Are there any other “things” I have to check that maybe can go wrong (some user experiences :slight_smile: )?

If you perform a backup, it should backup all the Virtual Servers and the Virtualmin settings.

That said, if there’s any other customizations you’ve done on the system – changes to config files in /etc, packages/dependencies you’ve installed, and so forth – those aren’t backed up using a typical Virtualmin backup.

You might consider making a full backup of everything on your system before you go a head and erase anything :slight_smile:

In fact, you might even want to restore your backups on a test system to verify things work as you’d expect before you reinstall over top of your working server.

The Virtual Servers will be restored with the same features enabled.

If you’d like to enable some additional features, you can use the command line tools to enable them for all your domains. You can run “virtualmin enable-feature” to see the help output.