Migrating to Fedora (latest x64) from Centos 7(x64) to take advantage of the latest php version

As everyone knows, Centos / Redhat are slow to do just about anything. While stability is great, it’s tough to get past the news releases of php scripts out there that are looking for 5.6 php versions as a minimum. That dual install version of php has been hell on the server so I am thinking of just migrating to a clean install of Fedora / Virtualmin by backing up the Centos 7 and restoring.

Anything folks can suggest would be great to avoid possible pitfalls. Thanks.

I think is better if you just reinstall and run the install.sh. Second. Forget dual php. You need only one otherwise suEXEC will not run on /home how its required. I telling you not to mess around php because you can get stuck activating modules in apache. (in that case purge apache and purge php will help if you know what I mean) I use php7.0 and works perfectly after a few purge… I strongly advice not to try to migrate and plan for dual php specially because you will get very bad error relating to libapache-mod-php and libapache-mod-php7.0

note: doesnt matter your OS, libapache-mod-php will always make you worry if you need libapache-mod-php7.0 (in live systems is equal with purge /etc/apache2 and /etc/php and reinstall apache2 and php7.0 with libapache-mod-php7.0.)

I’m running multiple versions of PHP with 5.4+ being the core and using Software Collections for 5.5+ and 5.6+ and it works fine. This is on CentOS 6.8. Depends on what sites you are hosting etc and which versions of PHP they are compatible with but I have some sites which will not run on anything higher than 5.4+ so at least running multiple versions of PHP this way gives me this option.