Migrating from SQLite to MariaDB

3/10 skill level here…

I’ve installed owncloud and they recommend using something other than sqlite for a database. I’ve already heard of and used MariaDB in the past, however had someone else set it up for me. The point of this is to learn, without breaking things along the way. I know how to download and save the .sql backups for future upload. But how do I tell virtualmin and my server (Centos 7), to use MariaDB instead.

I’m great at using the functions, but lack the experience to know where to go to make changes to how the server functions.

Migrate from SQLite to MariaDB using Virtualmin.
MariaDB already installed.

Well…this is actually non-trivial. Dump files are unique to the database that generated them; you can’t just dump an SQLite databse and then restore it into MySQL/MariaDB, without some translation first. Virtualmin doesn’t have any translation features…we can dump and restore with any supported database, but only using the same database for both dump and restore.

There are scripts out there that do translation, though I don’t have any experience using them. When I have gone from one database to a different one, it was because I was also switching to a different application and so couldn’t do a simple dump/restore, anyway, and had to write a custom converter.

I found this Stack Overflow answer that seems pretty good, and it’s probably where I’d start if I were in your shoes: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/18671/quick-easy-way-to-migrate-sqlite3-to-mysql#87531

The SQL files i have saved were from a previous install with MariaDB installed. however, since virtualmin uses sqlite as it’s original install, i’m unsure how to migrate to mariadb. From there, i know how to upload and use it from there. It’s the migration, server side, that i’m having issues with.

Ok search the web please for howto installl Mariadb within virtualmin.
I think that is the best solution for you.
Don’t forget the safety parts as setting default password to a own. :wink:

IF your programms are though better working with sqlite then you have to do more research and so on.

Forumrules see somewhere :wink:
Therer you can read if asking here for support it would be better idea to post also wich software and server versions OS and so on.

DID you do a minimum ( choose) installation then?

While with CentOS Mariadb is one of the DB…

Virtualmin does not use SQLite, and it provides MySQL or MariaDB (depending on which OS you’re using). Virtualmin does not store any of its data in any database and doesn’t depend on any database (but it supports most of the major ones in terms of managing and creating databases for domain owners). Some web applications may default to using SQLite, but that’s not related to Virtualmin.

Edit: I see above you’re talking about Owncloud. I don’t know what we default to with that, but I’d be surprised if it defaults to SQLite (since I don’t think we’ve ever assumed SQLite would be installed/available, though it nearly always is, and we have an additional module for managing SQLite databases, it’s never been considered a core part of Virtualmin). I think it would be kinda buglike if an Install Script used SQLite if MySQL is available, unless the upstream recommends it or otherwise defaults to it.

The minimal install still includes MySQL/MariaDB, but excludes PostgreSQL. Whereas a full install includes both (but PostgreSQL is not enabled by default, it’s just installed and can be enabled during the post-install setup wizard).