Migrating 2 servers into one

I’ve got 2 servers running Virtualmin and am moving them both to a new beast also running Virtualmin. New beast is running CentOS8.

It’s been pretty seamless so far with the standard virtual servers that are already both apache and mail, but I I’m unsure of the results of combining 2 virtual servers into one.
For example, Server A hosts the website and Server B hosts the mail. I want to restore both the website AND the mail in a combined virtual server (Server C).

If I restore Server A then restore just the mail element of Server B then will that work?
Or is there another way?

At the time of restoring a virtual server, you can select the appropriate check box and control the restore process - such that the backup with the mail does not overwrite the web content and vice versa.

Thanks Calport… I thought as much but just wanted to be extra sure :slight_smile:

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