migrated oscommerce and admin area is now broken

I have another issue from migrating using Virtualmin.

I used Virtualmin to back up and restore a site running osCommerce to a new server. The new server has better hardware but is running the same versions of linux, apache, php, mysql. Main difference is 64bit Linux vs 32 bit.

Now the admin area is messed up(The catalog works fine).The main menu page for the admin no longer is displaying titles and box headers properly but rather showing the variable names of them(e.g. BOX_ENTRY_SUPPORT_SITE).

When I attempt to go into one of the numerous categories (e.g orders) I get a list of item whose links do not work and at the bottom of the page a message saying:


Unable to determine the page link!

Function used:

tep_href_link(’’, ‘’, ‘NONSSL’)

There are numerous entries on the Web about this error message but all the remedies don’t work. No pages have been modified. Does anyone here have any insight on this? Unfortunately because osCommerce is such a horribly written and designed application just reinstalling it is not an option. There have been so many modifications and patches it would take days if not weeks to recreate this site.

Surely given this only occurred once moving to a new server the issue is outside of the osCommerce install itself don’t you think?



Well, if you’re pretty sure that the database and all the files made it in tact, the next thing I’d look at are the dependencies.

Is it possible there’s a dependency of some sort had you installed on your old server that didn’t make it onto your new server?

If you haven’t already, you may want to take a peek in $HOME/logs/error_log for additional clues.


OSCommerce just stinks. I ended up having to make some changes to the code in some files to get it all to work. I can’t even remember what they all were.


To my opinion OsCommerce is pretty good shopping cart. It has unlimited categories, products and product-options, special prices, banner management and a lot of other usefull stuff. I’ve been using os Commerce for more than a year and I am pretty happy with it.
Yes, sometimes it can be really tough to manage all the orders, customers or add some changes to a big amount of products in osCommerce. But I think doing it manually is a really stupid job. For example, I use Store Manager for osCommerce. It allows me to edit thousands of products, attributes, product categories all at once. I can also manage osCommerce customers, manufacturers, orders, import files in couple minutes!
Try this and probably you will change your mind about osCommerce.

Have you ever tried to install a contribution? It doesn’t support any sort of plug-ins. I’ve written contribution for it. It was poorly designed from the get go. The version of OSC running on my customer’s site is much older than the latest version because all the contributions make it extremely difficult to update. With plug-in support this wouldn’t be as much of an issue.

Also store manager is not free. You must be a spammer. A huge selling point of OSC is that it is free. Why would anyone want to pay for software to support it?

Change in your PhP Variables section of Webmin, in the php.ini file for the Apache webserver:

Create old-style arrays like HTTP_GET_VARS?

to be on.

That will likely do it.