Migrated from CPanel - Virtual Subdomains times out or unreachable

Hi there,

I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find any solutions. Im sure its going to be simple tho…

I migrated from Cpanel on a vanilla Virtualmin/Webmin installation on Ubuntu server.

Migrated Main domain and about 10 add-on Domains. After migration the Add-on domains appeared as Virtual Subdomains with Aliasses which I can understand.

Next step was to go to domainnameregistrar where my domain names are registered and point the domain names to Virtualmin(Ubuntu) NS and/or public IP.

After this my main or Top level Servers website is showing perfectly and I can access the Usermin etc and see emails etc. HOWEVER the Virtual sub-domains or server are not. I pointed their domain names to the same ns I did for the parent domain but all I get is:

This site can’t be reached
blabla.com.au took too long to respond.
Did you mean http://mydomain.com/?
Search Google for ek health au

When I ping the url blabla.com.au from an external client outside my server LAN it shows the internal IP address of the server but request times out. So pings fail. Also whois lookup shows the internal IP of the sever.

When I ping the Main or Parent Server, url, it shows the public IP. I changed the DNS Zones to point to the public IP like the parent domain but this does not work either.

Please help!?

Thanks you awesome people you…


Anyone please?

I just migrated from cpanel to vmin but on top of Centos. Everything seems OK
I don’t understand - what do you mean by top and sub? All domains should be “virtual servers”.
Unless you are using sub.domain.com. Is that the case? If this is the case you need to have DNS name records and httpd.conf definitions to deal with all those.

After a lot of troubleshooting and changes to se if soemthign changes I deleted the Virtual server and did the migration from scratch. Now I still get the Parent Server website but onthe Virtual SubDomains I get :

You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

OMW…I checked all permissions and it looks fine, but I am so lost…

It is actually pretty good to get this error – you are in the sever and can follow errors. Start by checking your error logs to see the path that FastCGI is looking for when it gives this error. If the path is wrong look for issues with “DocumentRoot” for both the HTTD and the SSL. If the path is good there could be things like your httaccess files or even PHP interface. If you do not see enough details in the errors look for “errorlevel” and trace. If you are running PHP make sure your interface is correct and you may want to look for PHP error logs.
When you look at the errors empty the file, access the site and check the errors to make sure you are looking at the respective errors.

Great Thanks MIke,

I will let you know how it goes either way. PHP 7.0.25

I check logs but there is nothing under Apache access or error logs. I will look at the FastCGI as you said and let you know


Error and access log files will have specific report about the errors are seeing. Look for log files under var logs virtualmin, as well as your domain logs and php logs.
PHP can be an issue that will give you some similar errors – it about the PHP interface to Appche.
However, If you have PHP in the main site and it is working you are OK. If you think it is an issue read this


Since you are moving from cpanel, in WHM there is a menu the control the FPM for PHP apps for each domain. WhenI moved from cpanel with PFM on it worked on the box but who knows.