Migrated from Centos 5 to Centos 7 and now PHP isn't working correctly

I got a new Centos 7 server and backed up and migrated several personal sites and restored into new server. I basically am having all sorts of issues now.

I added PHP 5.6 per the Virtualmin docs instructions. Running base PHP 5.4 in this example though.

I had the Followsymlinks issue. I seemed to have addressed that.

Now I am getting these errors in the log:

mod_fcgid: error reading data from FastCGI server End of script output before headers:

when I move to CGI Wrapper and try to load the main page, it saves(or prompts to) the source code as a file.

When I try mod_php it doesn’t even parse php and I can see the code when viewing source.

I have these issues even with a basic Hello World scripts.

Everything works on the old server.

I’ve tried searching for help but nothing stands out as being the right fix and I don’t want to break anything any further.

Please help. Thank you.

Ok I can get phpinfo() to work with mod_php but not with cgi or fcgi. I am getting a ton of errors thoguh on a script on my old server now running on this one.

Another weird behavior. Running php from a command line as root simply spits out the code - no parsing, even using -f. Ugh.

Edit 2: Ok so part of the problem was Followsymlinks more than I realized. I seem to have a lot of stuff working under mod_php but fcgi is not parsing server side includes and just spitting out the source code. mod_php parses them just fine.