Migrated cPanel domain and changed domain name. redirects to old domain server instead of new local with new name

I migrated a cpanel backup of a domain example.com and imported a copy into virtualmin changing the domain to exampletest.com in an effort to produce a local testing environment for my site. However the folder directories where different. At first browsing localhost I could see my Index with html folder which opened produced the apache2 default page. I created symbolic links to the folders from the home directory to the www folder. After that when browsing the index of the site on localhost it brings the home page up but has no web elements just plain text. I also noticed when I click the url of my domain in virtualmin instead of my browser loading exampletest.com it loads example.com which is the external site. I tried using the server’s ip in the browser and it also redirected to the external old domain??? I don’t see any aliases made in my virtualmin consol and I have made sure to allow symbolic links in apache config files and my enabled sites folder. What could possibly be causing these odd redirects and inability for my site to be viewed in the browser correctly?

If anything else I just want to simply view my sites in virtualmin from my local address privately and not make it public. If there is a simple way to do this please explain where I start my configuration.


If anybody has any ideas why my site is redirecting I would appreciate the help. The only thing I could think of that may be the issue is either apache not serving up the site appropriately which is why it’s redirecting or I need to somehow configure the dns which I am not sure how to do in virtualmin. All I really want to do is be able to browse the website locally only on the same server that I’m hosting from. I am using Ubuntu linux 14.04