Migrate Wordpress MU to Virtualmin Wordpress MU, "staging" or "inactive'" domain?

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Debian 12 REQUIRED
Virtualmin Last one REQUIRED

Hi there, I’m resuming this discussion because, in my opinion, there is a crucial element missing from these explanations;
I’m OK with manual migration using plugins, but for multisite installations, you generally need the Pro version of these plugins.

But the point of explanation that is missing is about transferring the domain or at least pointing the domain to the new VPS-Virtualmin in my case.

Is it possible to trigger the deployment of a VirtualServer with the same domain name configured on the old server to facilitate the transfer and the domain addresses registered either in the database or hard-coded in wordpress while still being able to perform the necessary actions on this new wordpress installation in Virtualmin?

So that when we’ve finished transferring files (wp-content / plugins…), imported the old database, modified the info in wp-config and the info in the “site url, wp-options” database, all that’s left to do is point our domain to the new location?

Thanks for you lights

WordPress MU is a whole new discussion. I’ve only ever used WordPress, never the MU version.

And, according to the docs, there’s no longer any such thing as WordPress MU (or, rather, much of the functionality merged into WordPress core). I don’t know what the implications of that are for migrations.

Anyway, I can’t really offer any advice, having never seen an MU deployment, but I know it’s come up a few times over the years. Maybe someone else has some advice.

I can say that the MU model does not fit well within Virtualmin. By that, I mean you have a single website hosting a whole bunch of domains. Virtualmin doesn’t think that way. I mean, you could make them all aliases, but then you won’t have mail accounts or the ability for the owners to actually manage the backend stuff. But, maybe that’s what you want. Bulk hosting WordPress sites, ala WordPress.com is a very different thing from shared virtual hosting like Virtualmin. So, I guess if you weren’t already hosting mail and allowing backend management for those WordPress blog users, then you can just do the same things I suggested in the other thread, and create all of the domain names as Aliases.

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