migrate webmin virtual hosts into virtualmin

Im new to virtualmin/webmin. Was using cpanel but Ive had enough so after some searching ive now decided to use Virtualmin/webmin.

The support you guys give in the forum is amazing … this is the place i need to be to def. learn about this excellent system!

I have a vps & started using webmin firstly & setup 3 websites (virtual hosts) using webmin.

Ive looked in virtualmin (which Ive not yet used to install any websites) but theres nothing there on the 3 websites i have recently installed using only webmin.

Q1) Is there a way so i can migrate the 3 websites info into virtualmin as i want to add a couple more websites and want to keep everything uniform by now only using virtualmin for website installs and controlling the existing websites that I installed by webmin.

Q2) If I install my 4th website using virtualmin instead of webmin will that cause any problems with the existing 3 websites that arent installed by virtuamin especially if theres a way to migrate the 3 websites info into virtualmin.

Thankyou kindly for your assistance … its greatly appreciated.

Although i haven’t done it myself with webmin and existing webpages, i did upgrade a webmin installatino with Virtualmin, but to be honest, it does not pay off in anything. Best bet would be:

  • Backup all your websites, databases, Emailaccounts etc.

  • Do a fresh install of the Operating System of your choice, being supported by virtualmin.

  • Download the installer script and install Virtualmin (it brings webmin with it).

  • Create your virtual servers

  • Restore backups

And everything is well. The way you were about to go will cause you more work, more headache, more frustation and it is not worth anyway, since you would have to redo it as i described before.

Only with a fresh install you have all features available to all websites.

If you go for reinstall, you also got another advantage. You will be able to use latest distribution of your Linux, without having the need of upgrading it (as you would have to do, when you still run Ubuntu 12 as an example of course).

So reinstall is the best solution in your situation, i think, Perhaps Eric has another idea ?


Are you existing sites using cPanel now?

If so, it might be tricky to change control panels on your live server. They do things in different ways, and I suspect you might run into some issues.

As just_me mentioned, it may be easier to fire up a server running Virtualmin, and then import your sites into that.

Doing that is just a matter of of generating a set of cPanel backups, and loading those into Virtualmin. You can do that in Add Servers -> Migrate Virtual Server.


you confuse me. the top poster didn’t talk about cPanel, he said, that he runs his three websites on Webmin without Virtualmin :wink:


no im using webmin now, sick of cpanel! When cpanel was cancelled it actually did something to a lot of my websites and the wordpress databases wouldnt work (so they sites didnt since theyre wordpress based).

I didnt know what the best course of action was at the time when using webmin so i just deleted the websites i originally setup with webmin and reinstalled them using virtualmin …ended up being the best thing to do… It setup up the websites more thoroughly than my attempts when using webmin.
Thanks heaps guys for your input…much appreciated!
EM Ind