Migrate Virtualmin with 40+ VS to Cloudmin - Xen to KVM

Hey all,

I have about 40 VS on my Centos 5.6 VPS, under Xen management, where my hosting company manages Xen. It’s about 80 GB total.

I’m going to get a little cluster of 5 -V enabled servers, 4 GB RAM each, and probably run 3 with KVM and 2 with OpenVZ, the former for bigger VMs, and the latter for smaller ones, per the Cloudmin docs.

The new machines will also be Centos, 5.x.

What 's my path to moving my 40 VS from Virtualmin on my existing VPS to a new KVM vps on Centos?

I think that Cloudmin will basically handle this for me, in a semi drag and droppish kind of way?

One limitation is that I only have one Vmin license. Does each license get enough grace to be used twice for just a few hours?