Migrate to webmin

I’m wanting to change the control panel I use to manage my hosting clients on a VPS.

I only have two questions:

  1. Is there any tool to migrate cPanel and CWP websites to Webmin?

  2. When setting a dedicated IP for a single hosting account, will emails sent from this account be sent from the dedicated IP or is additional configuration required?

I ask this because in cpanel it is enough to edit a text file. in CWP, however, lengthy configuration is required in several places.



Not that I know of.

You can assign the IP to the virtual server, but I don’t know whether that will automatically configure the mail to use that IP.

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For question 2: Sender Dependent Outgoing IP Address – Virtualmin

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And, for question 1, migrating from cPanel using a backup from your cPanel system is built-in.

CWP is not supported, and I’ve never seen it or looked at its backups, so I have no suggestions for how you might migrate from it. Virtualmin definitely has no built-in support for migrating from CWP. Nobody’s ever asked for it, as far as I know, so it’s never been on our radar (and since migration is a pretty complicated subject and takes a ton of development time, it’d have to be a very popular control panel to get that kind of attention).

We have support for migrating from cPanel, Plesk (several versions, as the format of their backups has changed several times), DirectAdmin, and a couple of others…but the couple others probably don’t count as they haven’t been touched in years, and are no longer popular or maintained (I mean the control panel isn’t popular or maintained, not just that our migration support isn’t being updated).

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Also: I repeat, Webmin is not a web hosting control panel! Virtualmin is what you are looking for, if you are trying to manage a virtual hosting web server.

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exactly. virtualmin, I created this confusion because in the datacenter that I am a client, it presents webmin as an alternative to cpanel and plesk. for this reason I thought it really was. but thank you very much for clarifying. now i learned. hehe

Your datacenter is mistaken. You should let them know that Virtualmin is the project we produce that competes with cPanel and Plesk, and point them to our installation documentation: Downloading and Installing Virtualmin – Virtualmin

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