migrate from virtualmin to cpanel?

is there an automated way to do this (including email and databases lie wordpress sites)? if not is there a good faq on manual transfer from virtualmin to cpanel?

would still be interested in an answer … i want to move several domains i host on a vps to their own hosting on say hostgator or interserver. neither support webmin/virtualmin so i will have to take care of the transfer myself.

thanks in advance!


We have ways to migrate from cPanel from Virtualmin… we don’t have tools for transferring to other panels though. If that’s something you’re looking to do, you may need to work with cPanel support on that.

They may not have tools for migrating from Virtualmin specifically, but perhaps they’d have ideas on how best to take an existing website/database/email, and pull all those into their control panel.


The best way is doing backup both for site files and db. Create new account in cPanel and restore it manually.

About email, You can also restore it to maildir in cPanel or use pop3/imap to download

Moving live WordPress sites is dead easy.

First change DNS TTL to 300 (5 mins) the day before move

On your WordPress sites install duplicator plugin and export sites using that plugin.

It will give you 2 files for each site…The installer and a data file.

Copy to new server.

at a time when normal use is low, change DNS and then run the duplicator installer for each site by navigating to domain.com/installer (or whatever your installer is named if different).

Fill in the details as you go through install procedure such as database, username, password etc… 5-10 minutes is all it takes to complete the process.

You can also do test runs by installing to subdomain on new hosting whilst leaving main site where it is until you are sure it’s going to work for you…ie test.domain.com (you can have subdomain and main domain on different ipaddresses (so this is no problem).

To be honest, WordPress runs on just about any default setup LAMP cpanel account these days without doing anything special. Duplicator does everything else for you.

Mail is a different story…export your existing and import using you mail client on a desktop (such as Outlook, thunderbird, or gmail. The method I have used only just last week was thunderbird. I had to use a couple of plugins/addons, however i successfully moved clients mail from gsuite to my virtualmin system…going Tue other way shouldn’t be any more difficult as the mail format is not specific to virtualmin…your doing it via email client software. More than likely, cpanel can probably import directly most common mail format.