Migrate from CyberPanel (VPS)

OS type and version REQUIRED
Webmin version REQUIRED


Currently i have CyberPanel to manage my server.
But i am disappointed with it.
I have only one wordpress site there.

I need to migrate fro. CyberPanel to Webmin. In the same server (VPS)
The OS is ubuntu.

Can someone help me? With some documentation or advise?
I searched allover google and i dont find any specific related to migrate from CyberPanel to WebMin in the same server :disappointed:


If all you want to migrate is one WordPress site, then just download the WordPress files as well as database, and upload the files as well as import the database on the Virtualmin server.


Yes that part I know.

But what o need to understand is how to install webmin and after remove the cyberpanel.

It’s on the same VPS.

Should i do a normal installation of webmin over cyberpanel?

Like cyberpanel it’s not installed in the server?

And after that how do I remove cyberpanel?

Reprovision the vps, cyberpanel does a lot of alterations to configuration and I can not see a reliable way to remove cyberpanel and install webmin/virtualmin without a reprovision

How do you mean by reprovision? from sccratch linux + inst webmin and restore wordpress after?

Thats correct only way of doing it

  1. Backup WordPress files and Database
  2. Reinstall your VPS (Ubuntu 20.04, 22.04 or Debain 11, 12)
  3. Install Virtualmin by using the recommended method
  4. Create a virtual server in virtualmin
  5. Upload you backup files to public html and restore database too.
  6. Change the database credentials and information in wp-config.php file
  7. Done

Note: These are only critical steps, there are many basic steps involved.

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You can’t install multiple web hosting control panels on the same system, and the Virtualmin installer expects a freshly installed OS.

One could install all the packages manually, but one should not. It’s just asking for a life of misery because there’s no way you’re gonna fix all the things that the other panel does differently in addition to getting all the stuff Virtualmin expects to be configured right.

You shouldn’t be trying to migrate to Webmin. Virtualmin is the Webmin-based web hosting control panel, and that’s what you should be trying to migrate to. Webmin is a general purpose systems management tool, that knows mostly nothing about the concept of shared web hosting. Sure, you can manually edit all the config files and make websites run using only Webmin, but that would be a huge waste of time when Virtualmin is designed for the purpose.

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