Migrate error from Plesk 18.0.32 - Could not work out the default domain


I using Plesk 18.0.32 and I wanna migrate to Virtualmin 6.14 GPL but when I start migrate process, system show an error: could not work out the default IP address

Anyone like me? How can I fix this.

Many thanks!

After a while, it seems that the current migrate functionality is not working with Plesk 18, hopefully someone on the development team will read this message and update soon.

That is not a migration problem. Your Virtualmin configuration isn’t ready.

When you do a configuration check, it should give you this error and provide a link for where to go to fix it (you need to manually set that IP address). You have to fix that problem before anything will work, including importing/migrating/creating new domains.

I try to recheck configuration many times and has no error.
I think the migrate feature not work with backup file from Plesk 18. I searched for same issue on the forum but I can not find any solutions. That why I create new topic.

OK, is that the full error?

Error message I get after start migrate few minutes:

Below is my re-check configuration.

Hope this infomation helpful for dev team.

You could enter the domain name manually before you begin the migration. As Virtualmin fails to detect the domain name, your entering the domain name in the form will override Virtualmin’s domain name detection and consequently the error that is being generated.

Oh, also clarify if the error message was “Could not work out the default IP address” as per the topic of this thread or “Could not work out the default domain” as per the screenshot you have provided.

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If the error is changing between runs (as calport noticed), that likely means you’re actually seeing something else happening… disk space or memory running out maybe? Memory seems likely…when you do the same thing and get different errors, it might mean the OOM killer is stepping in.

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