Messed up my virtualmin install :(

I seem to have messed up my Virtualmin install :frowning:

I needed to upgrade Postgres, and did so following the guide here: but ‘psql’ kept reporting the old version. So I saw a blog post suggesting removing postgres and trying again, but on doing so yum decided to remove virtualmin-base as well - which I reinstalled straight away.

However, now my virtualmin install seems messed up. First the theme was gone, but I turned it back on via webmin, now postfix is broke. First it reported it wasn’t there so I ‘yum install postfix’ but it doesn’t seem to work (can no longer send emails) although it now shows up in webmin > servers.

Is there a way to reinstall Virtualmin over my current install to ‘fix’ anything that might have broken?

Or, does anyone know what is removed/broken when yum removes virtualmin-base?
And how to fix it bit by bit?

Sorry to be a pain - any help appreciated.

To my knoledge, nothing exists to fix what breaks in Virtualmin itself.
Feel fre to correct me on that from those of you who have used Virtualmin far longer than I have, but even so, I doubt it highly.
The installation script is not designed to fix, upgrade, or anything else to an existing installation, that much I do know as fact. Most stuff must be done within Virtualmin itself afterwords.

Thanks for the reply Khinton. Does anyone know what actually breaks when yum removes virtualmin-base?

I’ve seen a number of threads here where it’s happened, so I guess someone somewhere might have some clues (well, I hope!).

I can send email from within webmin, but not via SMTP. I can not recieve emails either, so I guess that means dovcot is broken too :frowning:

Sites using php and mysql seem to be working ok tho.