Memory_limit does not change

OS type and version Ubuntu22.04
Webmin version Latest

I try to change the memory_limit for PHP and have changed in php.ini for fpm and cli. Have restarted fpm and apache but when I look via phpinfo it is still set to 128MB. I have changed to 1024MB everywhere. Where have I missed?

This i get
root@2000backups:~# sudo find /etc -type f -exec grep -H ‘memory_limit’ {} ;
/etc/php/8.1/fpm/pool.d/www.conf:;php_admin_value[memory_limit] = 1024M
/etc/php/8.1/fpm/pool.d/171189442050814.conf:php_value[memory_limit] = 1024M
/etc/php/8.1/fpm/php.ini:memory_limit = 1024MB
/etc/php/8.1/cli/php.ini:memory_limit = 1024MB
/etc/php/8.1/cgi/php.ini:memory_limit = 1024MB

And This
root@2000backups:~# php -i | grep memory_limit
PHP Warning: Failed to set memory limit to 1024 bytes (Current memory usage is 2097152 bytes) in Unknown on line 0
memory_limit => 128M => 128M

And phpino say 128M

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