Memory allocated to FPM + user owner


HEllo ,
I have read multiple times forum. I have found where to set in php. ini for FPM limits . however there is another limit of memory limit per user that executes process . I have found it once but I forgot where it is.

Fact is that you can set in php.ini a huge value for memory allocated , and this will not be seen unless you allocate for that user that executes process a higher value.

Please help me to find again where is that location.

Thank you,

In addition to /etc/php.ini you should find what you need in /etc/php-fpm.conf and /etc/php-fpm.d/www.conf. There are also user pool files with 15- or 16-character numeric names in /etc/php-fpm.d/ for managing sessions, child processes, etc. that have an effect on memory management.

Thank you Ramin for answering. I know very well those 2 files. I have made changes on them . but still on my prestashop those where not taken in consideration ( I was seeing just 32M allocated to procees) and later on I have found on limitation at user level that was running. IT was a graphical inteface that I cannot find it again. There was that limit of 32M . that interface I am trying to find out again…
I wanted to make a print screen but I was in hurry at that time

I have managed to find out where the new limit was :
is in webmin> servers> apache
and from virtual servers are 2 for 80 and 443 settings at php level

or in virtualmin > configure ssl website > PHP > memory limit

Glad you found it. Out of habit I misinterpreted your question. I usually edit these files directly because I can find a setting faster that way.

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