MediaWiki 1.13.2 upgrade

I just upgraded, via virtualmin, my mediawiki (on Joyent). I’m running into a few problems, likely not virtualmin’s fault. Here’s a post I sent to Joyent:

- I upgraded to 1.13.2 via virtualmin. - Had odd results and a database error, couldn't acces mw_page_restrictions.frm - Hmm..figured my old config was not compatible so removed LocalSettings file and .htaccess stunts used to have clean urls - So now I get a new config page when I access the wiki, whew! - But then after guessing a bit as to what values to use, I "submit" and mysql reports an error! Failed: failed with error code "Can't create table 'revision' (errno: 24) (localhost)" - After that mysql fails for all my databases! I'm waiting a bit before I re-try. In the mean time: what values did you folks give to the config page? Or did you simply build a new LocalSetting file? Here are some sites relating to the discussion: Note: the Config_script page has an image of the entire config page which is useful.
My input for virtual min: - Make it a bit easier for users to go through the config process - This could simply be to change the defaults on the config page to match the joyent defaults (i.e. the database name, user name, admin mail and so on) - Move the LocalSettings file off to the side - Tell the user about all the changes

I realize MediaWiki should do all this as well, but they don’t. They’re not the most user/newbie friendly folks around, alas.


I’d actually recommend filing a bug report… if you attempted an upgrade of an Install Script (MediaWiki, in this case), and it didn’t work, I’m sure Jamie would be interested in resolving that issue.

I’d suggesting posting all those details you mentioned above at the following link: