mbstring help

hi support team,

please help me install mbstring in my virtualmin, i dont know which php version to use that has enabled this mbstring

my script need mb_substr() function enable to get it to work. and i already search google about this problem and i cant find it.

please guide my way.

thanks much


You mentioned having two PHP versions installed, 5.3 and 5.4.

The PHP 5.4 version provided in the SCL repository doesn’t provide the mbstring module.

However, the php-mbstring package is provided by CentOS for PHP 5.3. You can install that by running the command “yum install php-mbstring”.

Would that work for you?


but the script i want to use doesnt support php version 5.3 it must be 5.4 or higher

can you help me get a working php version that mbstring enabled?


I’ve also this problem, i must install a script using mbstring on php 5.4 please do you have a solution ?

Thank you in advance,
Best regards

you can install php54-php-mbstring from webmin/system/Software Packages
Package from YUM - php54-php-mbstring will execute “yum install php54-php-mbstring”

that will work for PHP 5.4
If you want it working for PHP 5.3 “yum install php-mbstring”