Maybe some more about the migration option on the homepage?


I setup a unix server and found out about Virtualmin and just gave it a go. At first I was overwhelmed by all the options, but after some playing around I start to like it. No fuss, just a powerful tool. So I decided to migrate some websites from Direct Admin to this platform. I made a document about all the steps I had to do and even though it seems a lot of work, I was motivated to go for it. Than, somehow on the last moment, I stumble on the migrate option (Add Servers → Migrate Virtual Server)! Just import a Direct Admin backup (or cPanel, PLESK, etc.) and everything worked without a problem. All the users, databases, mailboxes. Only had to setup some cronjobs. This saved me so much time, days! :sunglasses:

So I was thinking, maybe add this to the homepage of your website? It is only mentioned very small, but if you add a paragraph and a screenshot about it, I am sure much more people will consider to switch to Virtualmin. The migration takes away a huge threshold. If I knew this, I had done it much sooner for sure.

I’m very happy with the migrate option. Maybe add the cronjobs to it too, but this is just a very minor thing.


On the page Documentation – Virtualmin

Server Upgrades and Migrations - How to migrate your Virtual Servers from an existing server to a new server, and how to perform in-place upgrades of your OS.

This link goes to Oops! That page can’t be found.