Master DNS server for other servers.

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been using virtualim and webmin for some months and I really it. I have something I need help with and I have searched through the forum but didn’t find an exact answer. How do I make virtualmin a master dns server for a bunch of vps servers running cpanel and vitrualmin?

So my setup would like this;

Server A - DNS holder

Sever B - refer to server A

Server C - refer to Sever A

The reason I would like this setup is to make sure emails continue to flow in case a server goes down and just to have a solid dns system in place.

Let me know if I’m right or wrong and I appreciate any advice.



Every Virtualmin server creating domains with dns zones is by default a master server. To them Server A must be a slave in order to copy the zones to Server A.

The world doesn’t know about master and slave dns so the “trick” here is to make Server A authorative for all zones (master and slave). Now all DNS servers in the world will see Server A as the “master”

Got it.

So the next question…should I still go through with the idea or leave each server to be their own “master”.

If you do say to go through with the idea, would I then be creating dns zones for each server on my main server which is “server A” which would virtualmin.

Would that be enough to trick everything to see server A as the authorative server?

Honestly I dont think it matters unless you would have failover with a separate heartbeat server. In this case the heartbeat server must be authorative to be able to switch the DNS to the failover server.

For redundancy it doesnt matter to the world, because say there is a request that goes to Server B and when Server B is down the request will go to the next DNS listed (server A) and when that is down too, the request is forfarded to Server C (As all servers are listed as DNS servers in the zone file)
This is why multiple DNS servers are adviced, the request is always answered as long as 1 of the 3 servers is up…

I would say in your case let each server be its own master and the other 2 servers be a slave. Wether it be A, B or C.

As for email to keep flowing, your best bet is a separate email server. But I have no experience in setting that up. Shouldnt be that hard though.

Another options is to have Server B act as a backup mail server for Server A which is described here