MariaDB support after unwanted change

Operating system: Ubuntu Linux 18.04.5
Webmin version: 1.973
Virtualmin version: 6.16
Related products version: RECOMMENDED

Follow-up of

Is there any progress?
It is too painfull replacing MariaDB back to MySQL after the unwanted change by a mistaken Virtuamin upgrade.
I followed this advice from ILia which look the simplest:

  1. Putting this package on hold, like apt-mark hold virtualmin-lamp-stack (however this will prevent running upgrades from UI as Webmin Software Packages Updates module uses -y param with package name individually to upgrade a package, however, when package that is on hold is getting changed, upgrade will not work automatically (thankfully) unless additional param --allow-change-held-packages is passed). In other words future package upgrades could only be done using console by running apt-get upgrade command;

I then updating all 138 packages from the webmin UI excluding the virtualmin-lamp-stack package.
This did not break the server, and all updates disappeared including the virtualmin-lamp-stack package.
I dared to reboot the server, and everything is still working.

Now, I understand that the virtualmin-lamp-stack package will not be updated anymore, preventing unwanted revert to MySQL.

  1. Will future updates show up in Webmin, or will I need to run apt-get update/upgrade periodically?

  2. What will not be upgraded by the apt-get upgrade command? Will Apache, PHP and Mariadb still upgraded? What about Webmin and Virtualmin?

  3. Will Webmin/virtualmin be eventually fixed to keep MariaDB if it is used instead of MySQL?

Thanks for help.

I have put virtualmin-lamp-stack on hold, everything is fine, I run apt-get update/upgrade.
What are the side-effects? What Webmin/Virtuamin will miss?

he is on 18.04 out of date… pointless to even say something…

virtualmin-lamp-stack is a meta-package, just a list of dependencies. It does not lock versions of those dependencies (it may have some minimum versions specified, but that’s not going to prevent updates).

It has nothing to do with any other software updates on your system. Updates will continue to work as always.

@unborn 18.04 is not EOL. It continues to be supported by Ubuntu, and by us.

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End of life for 18.04 LTS is April of 2023. For 20.04 LTS it’s April of 2025.

@all I’m sorry I do not use Ubuntu os at all for some reason and I was wrong…I’m very sorry for my comments in community.

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