MariaDB after upgrade to Debian 9

Hi guys,
I’ve really been trying to find this problem first, but didn’t succeed. While at Debian 8 I decided to move to MariaDB 10 instead of Mysql 5.5. All worked ok, but now I upgraded to Debian 9 and Virtualmin still thinks that there is no MySQL server.

In MySQL servers I can see my server and manage the DBs. Also, all websites are running normally, but I can’t pass the Check configuration test or re-run the installation script, since it always tells me I don’t have MySQL.

mhoudek :) Debian 9 comes with MariaDB by default. Easy :). Inside Virtualmin, MariaDB may look like MySQL though. Because "In Debian 9 "Stretch" the mysql-server package depends on a new package called default-mysql-server. This package in turn depends on mariadb-server-10.1". But it's MariaDB.

To determine if your Debian 9 has MariaDB installed and which version, simply run the following command in Terminal. This command will search for the installed MariaDB server package. And display the MariaDB version.

dpkg -l | grep mariadb

If somehow you removed MariaDB, one option is those steps to install Virtualmin with MariaDB at

For those note familiar with MariaDB, some of the benefits are listed at