MariaDB 10.9.2 (maybe more) ignoring webmin config

OS type and version CENTOS7
Webmin version 1.99
Virtualmin version 7.1PRO
Related packages Mariadb

Feel silly complaining about this, more of a let you know kind of thing.
MariaDB 10.9.2 freshly installed. I normally force it into only allowing localhost connections, so I jump into the “MariaDB - MariaDB Server Configuration” page, and there it says, plainly,
“MariaDB server listening address”
But, systemctl status says: Server socket created on IP: ‘’

So I fixed it manually in /etc/my.cnf.d/server.cnf and went on with my day. Just wanted you to know the webmin page wasn’t updating the server.cnf page. (or any of the other pages there)