Manual restore from sites after server crash

Hi all.

My server has gone, and i have a partial backup from it

I have /home dir and some others, but not any virtualmin backup

Is any way to restore my sites in “auto” mode more or less?

Depends on what you mean with “auto” mode.

If you don’t have Virtualmin backups, you need to manually (either through the web interface or shell API, the latter of which could be scripted) create the virtual servers again and can then populate the home directory with your backup contents.

But naturally you can’t use VM’s restore feature if you don’t have VM backups.

I create a two domains in the new server.

Then moved my old /home and now first domain gives me a blank page (its a joomla); if i open some i can see it

Then, i stopped mysql and moved old /var/lib/mysql/domain1 and domain2 to new server

chown mysql:user domain1/domain2 and start mysql again

I open phpmyadmin and i can see my databases, select it bue when i check some table i give an error:

#1033 - Incorrect information in file: ‘./domain1/table.frm’

Any tip?

There are a few possible causes for that error.

There is a blog post here that discusses some of the major causes and how to resolve them:

@Eric: Is it possible you posted in the wrong thread? Chencho didn’t say anything about MySQL or errors. :slight_smile:

Nuts, his comment had been held up for moderation… thanks for the heads up, that’s fixed now!

Hi all.

Seems to have some corrupted files; i check someones into /home dir and maybe mysql tables have errors too.

I check the post, and remove skip-innodb, check /tmp permissions, … and no one

I’m now trying to restore a joomla backup, but it’s from dic 2011 :frowning:

Then i will try to see what happend with mysql tables

@chencho: Do you have a backup of your databases in form of SQL dumps available? Otherwise, if you transfer the binary files over, you must make sure that you have the exact same version of MySQL on the new server that you had on the old one.

No, i have no backup into dump mode.

I made backups from prxomox, and it works fine; but i send it to another server (before server A crashed) and seems to be corrupted all my backups wich i sent.

How can i see mysql version from original server? i know it was under ubuntu 10.04, but not surre what mysql version (maybe i upadte it)

Finding out the original server version could be problematic. Since you can obviously not query the server directly anymore, and I don’t know if the server version can somehow be derived from the data files. I guess all you can do is try out different versions on the target server, and hope one of them works.

Before doing that, I’d make sure though that the binary data files you transferred arrived at the target intact. You can use MD5 sums to compare the files.