Manual package installation in Virtualmin 3.73.gpl GPL

I have installed a webserver running Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. This is a test platform. Everything runs well, everything configured etc. Running Virtualmin GPL as mentioned above.
I now need to manually install a few packages to get up to speed with them before I replace this machine with the real McCoy & go live.

The packages I need to install are: Coppermine, Mambo, Joomla, Zikula, OpenX, osCommerce, osTicket, phpMyAdmin and SMF.

All but one of my domains are currently hosted elsewhere and I run a forum at using SMF. I installed this by uploading the SMF-software via ftp, point the browser & installed. No problem. Why can I not do the same on my server running Virtualmin GPL? The live machine will be offered with Pro as I plan reseller packages.

Can somebody point me in the right direction to get the abovementioned installed on the test platform? I already have most of these on my Linux-box. So it is a matter of upload & install after I have done whatever is needed to do so.



There’s some options on how to access Virtual Servers prior to DNS pointing to your server:

  1. You can temporarily set the IP address for the domain in question using the hosts file on your computer

  2. You can access a given Virtual Server within Virtualmin, by using Services -> Preview Website

  3. Using a domain that does point to your server, you can create aliases for any of your domains. You can setup aliases using System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Virtual Server creation – and the option you’d want to set is “Automatically create alias domain”.

Using #3 above is a nice and simple way of doing things – and will give every Virtual Server after you set that option a method of accessing it even if DNS for the newly added domain isn’t setup.


Thank you for the reply. Will try that in the morning. I will rather not set the auto alias-option on the live machine but will use it now. This is only for test purposes to get myself & two engineers in a position to do basic support if needed. I am planning (as mentioned) to install Pro on the live machine. The current machine will be reconfigured into an authoritative DNS-server asap.

Once again thanks - time to hit the sack (it’s 02h12 AM) down here!)