manual install on a running server.

Just a question on doing a manual install of Virtualmin on server with Virtualhost already set up. I have 3 sites set up, on a IP based VirtualHost Fedora 13 server… If I do this install, am I going to have to reset up the VHosts?

I’m a noob when it comes to Linux, but I am learning. Just not sure if its worth all the trouble to get it install. There are a lot of Features that come with Virtualmin Pro that I like. and I have already paid for it. So I would like to see if its worth the trouble to try and install it.



First off, you’re more than welcome to a refund if you find Virtualmin isn’t doing what you want. No one wants you to feel stuck with a product that doesn’t do what you’re after. You can do that by opening a new request in the support tracker, and simply request a refund.

It’s typically possible to import existing sites into Virtualmin if you do a manual install, though how well that works depends on how those sites were setup.

You can see instructions for manually configuring Virtualmin here:

That said, manual installation is not simple. If you don’t feel particularly comfortable with Linux, I’m not sure that you’d find manual installation and configuration to be an enjoyable experience :slight_smile:


Thanks Eric for your response, Wiping out the sites, and starting over is not a big deal, it only took me 30 minutes to get the sites set up, My concern is getting Virtualmin to install on a Fedora system. Even if I have to install Fedora from scratch. and start all over. I have only done this from scratch about 30 times in the last 2 weeks, trying to get everything to work. I can almost do it with my eyes closed. So that is no big deal.

I just want a system that works, and one I don’t have to spend a lot of time working on. If you know what I mean. There are a lot other things I have put off trying to get the server up and running.

Hope you under stand.



This has all been fixed

fedora is not recommended for a server as it is bleeding edge OS and not expected to be stable and proven.

A server needs an LTS edition, a stable proven OS like Centos 5.5 or Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, where Centos is preferred by 85% of the Virtualmin userbase


Yeah, I agree with Ronald in that Fedora may be a troublesome distro for a server OS.

I appreciate that you were struggling to get CentOS to work correctly for you… however, as a long-term project, you might consider exploring another distro. I happen to like Ubuntu :slight_smile:

Just some thoughts… have a good one!


Hi Eric, thank for the reply, I did try Ubunyu, at least 4 different version, and the problems I had were all the same. It would install OK, but never run. After the Install it asked me to remove the disc, and reboot, but it could never find the drive it installed on. It happens with every version of Ubunyu. I believe it had something to do with the SATA drives in a RAID configuration. Anyway CentOS was the first one that actually came up after I rebooted. The First time I installed it, I had a lot of problems getting it to run right. That’s when I tried Fedora 12, and it ran right out of the box. I had some configuration problems Being a Noob that I am with Linux. I found Fedora 13 had just came out, so I downloaded the DVD and installed it. I really liked it, it came with PHP5.3 right out of the box, it also had Ioncube pre installed. I liked that. But couldn’t find a easy way to get Virtualmin to install with it.

After talking to Jamie, I decided to give CentOS 5.5 another try. I had a few things to work out, like PHP 5.1 and a few other thing I had to deal with, but I finally got it all up and running Including Virtualmin. and Ioncube. So I’m very happy right now.