manage services in multiple servers

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I have an enviroment with multiple services in different servers (Ex: two apache servers in cluster [mod_cluster] and one postgres server].
Can i use virtualmin to manage them with only one installation? Example: I have to publish a new site [same site, balanced] in two apache servers (new virtualhost), with virtualmin can i do that?
My initial intention is delegate to dev team the creation of virtualhost in apache servers using the virtualmin interface.
Topology sample of the proposed enviroment is in

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Yeah, I do this for some of our servers. I just have an rsync job that I run either as part of my deploy stage, or in a cron job (depending on how the content gets created and added to the server). You need to duplicate your web server config over, but you don’t even need Virtualmin on the secondary server (though it’s OK if you do have it as long as you’re also syncing all of the Virtualmin metadata from the primary server).

You do have to be careful about what state you rely on in the front end servers. But, it looks like you’ve already thought of that, with backend app and database servers.

Cloudmin (Connect or Pro) can also do it, but it does it via a Virtualmin backup and restore, which means you need Virtualmin on both servers, and it’s slower than just doing an rsync of the changes.