Manage CGIPassAuth Directive through Virtualmin

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Virtualmin version 7.5

Is there a way to set the CGIPassAuth On Directive through Virtualmin? Googling didn’t turn up with anything helpful, but maybe the option is just named in a way that wouldn’t be found by searching for CGIPassAuth and virtualmin…

On nginx, this is apparently the default, but on apache, the absence of this directive causes some problems with a popular symfony based e-shop software that relies on the basic auth headers being passed through php-fpm.

Thanks in advance!

I see it in there docs

Thanks, but I already know how the apache directive works. I wanted to know how to do it using the virtual min interface without fussing with the config files, IF at all possible.

I maybe reading this wrong, but you can just use htaccess to turn it on. That wouldn’t interfere with virtualmin.

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