malware on server


Two day agobmy site was black listed by google for reason that it have a malware on it. when I what was the malware there was nothing specific. How i can test for malware and remov it. this on my personal.server who.runs on ubuntu and virtualmin



You could use the “clamscan” tool that’s currently installed.

You could also try the Linux malware scanner available here:

I also use LMD and can recommend it!

Additionally I use the ConfigServer Security & Firewall, which contains a module to block brute force login attacks. Doesn’t scan for malware, but can help prevent break-ins.

Hey Guys i think that’s a software which keep the server save from many kinds of dangerous viruses.Also Anti-malware for Server runs many windows server with the latest service packs.Thanks a lot!!

does CSF block brute force login attack module require install separately ?