Make new IP shared


I’m trying to add a new shared IP but to no avail. I went to Networking -> Network Configuration ->Network Interface and add the IP. The new IP comes up as ‘Ethernet (Virtual)’. It looks fine but it doesn’t come up in the selection box and when I try to type in the IP in ‘Virtual with IP’ box, the IP will be locked only for that new Virtual Server with ‘IP (Private to this server)’. Help plsss …

The saddest thing is that I successfully added a virtual shared IP before but now I dont remember how :frowning:

You added it to the system, that’s the first step… the other part is that you’ll want to go into Addresses and Networking -> Shared IP Addresses, and list it there as a shared address. After doing that, it should then be available to other Virtual Servers to use.


thanksss that’s what i missed!