make a subdomain link to a directory


i have tried to find the solution but it doesn’t seem so easy …

i have
in the directory “public_html”
and i want to make which links to the directory “public_html/demo”

how can i do that in Virtualmin’s configuration ?


oh it seems it has an obvious solution or it is really complicated ?
nobody can help me ?

thanks in advance

There isn’t a recommended way of doing that… of you’re interested in having multiple domain names, the would typically go into a separate directory structure.


I understand, yes
but i was used to, sometimes, making a subdomain which only linked to a specific directory

for example on my site, with my old domain admin, i had only added what they call a Web Path in the Apache configuration to say that : linked to /home/xxx/public_html/flickr

i will probably do it by code but i wanted to know if there was an option in Virtualmin or Apache config to do that

We discourage the use of this particular feature, as it seems to just cause confusion and headaches for folks using it – but for those who really really really want it, there is indeed an option in System Settings -> Virtualmin Config -> Advanced Options named “Allow creation of sub-domains”.

If you enable that, it should do what you’re after.

But you’d be amazed on how confused folks get when that they see that and “Sub-Servers” in the “Create Virtual Server” options :slight_smile:

But what you’d want in your case is to create a sub-domain.


Hello Eric,

thanks for the explanation.
I think i won’t use this feature.
It’s better not to use features you don’t recommend …
Virtualmin is really easy to use and powerful, i don’t want to get bad habits using strange features :slight_smile: