Main server with virtualmin with mail and web, and a second VPS for email relay possible ?


My current setup I’ve a server behind a dynamic ip address access with all except DNS.

All works fine because I update dns dynamically about the dynamic ip address.

But e-mail is a different story.

Although I’ve DKIM and DMARK active, I still get some problems because I can’t have a reverse DNS to my IP.

My idea is to setup a very small VPS only for email relay to my domains. This VPS will have fixed IP and possibility to have reverse.

Is it possible to use virtualmin in this server and set it up for e-mail relay, maintaining the mailboxes in the current server?

Thanks in advance.

there’s a webmin-virtualmin-mailrelay module for webmin :
never tried it, but it looks like it can do what you want.

Thank you for your reply, I’ll look at it.

Meanwhile I’ve set a sendmail to the objective, but I’ll try to see this option.