mailservice(postfix) on my virtualmin setup is broken - centos 6.8


May i know what is the step to re-install a fresh copy of ‘postfix’ onto the server?


what files i need to check why i am not able to send/receive any of the test email on the server?

Thank you.

Linux is not Windows in the sense that you can just uninstall a service and then reinstall back and expect it to work fine. It will probably have the same issues as before if your config files are incorrect or another thing is causing a problem/conflict. You should rather understand why the problem started in the first place. Postfix does not get corrupt or stops working. Unless someone compromised your server or trashed the configurations.

But either way in case you want to proceed:


sudo yum remove postfix

Installing back Postfix is a bit more complicated as it requires several packages and configurations. So I don’t suggest you do this but if you want here is a tutorial:

The configuration files are located in: