mails not received in inbox folder after server migration

I starting to migrate some virtual server from one server to another. Both with virtualmin-webmin installed.
After configuring postfix i have migrated the first vhost and check website and mailboxes, i did this using backup and restore virtual server tool in virtualmin. Mail works ok for sending and receiving except for new incoming messages are received in root mailbox folder instead of inbox.
I mean, from webmin read user mail tool, i can see new received messages and only new received messages, i can not view inbox imported messages and i can not select inbox folder. I can select draft, sent and others, but not inbox. There are more than 1000 messages in inbox folder and i only see 10 messages i received after virtual server was runnning on new server.
But, if i log into usermin, i can see inbox folder with all messages except the new received messages. I can not view new incoming messages. Ive compared config on both server and looks the same.

new messages are received in /var/mail/info/domainnname/
Other folders i can see from webmin’s read user mail tool are ~info/domainname/Maildir/sent, the same with drafts, trash and spam. This folders seems to be working well.
Old imported messages from older server i can not see from here. Can not select this dir from this tool.

In the old server the route of inbox is different: ~info/domainname/Maildir/ what has more sense. This could be happening because i have postgrey service running? Maybe is a misconfiguration on this server?

I really appreciate any help


I did some research and noticed that procmail was not correctly configured. I added the command in and now is working. I can view new incoming messages in inbox folder using usermin. But i have problems configuring other mail clients like mailspring. I get error messages like "the account is invalid or
mailspring could not find the inbox or all mail folder.