mailman lists not converting when doing a "change domain name"

We did a “change domain name” to a virtual server, and it appears all the mailman mailing lists now do not show in the new domain.

Where can I fix this so that the mailinglists will be configured with the new domain info?



It’s a bug if you change the domain name and the lists stop showing as part of the domain – I would recommend filing a bug report regarding that.

However, to get you started – it appears that the information for that is kept in /etc/webmin/virtualmin-mailman/list-domains . You may just need to update the name of the domain in that file (of course, make a backup before making any changes).

that did help restore the list of mailing lists to the new domain, but the old domain’s info is still littered throughout the mailman list settings making them impossible to manage…

for example, if you go into the “manage mailing list”, then embedded links to “moderate messages” etc. still show the old domain…

I’ll submit a bug when I get a chance…