Mailman lists don't migrate to new server

I am setting up a new U16.04 server to migrate site from 14.04. The existing server is working well. One small site that I’m personally involved with does nothing but send messages using a single mailman list. I started by backing up the old site, producing three files, then ftp’d them to the new server. Logging in to the new server I used the restore function to complete (as I thought) the transfer. Superficially things look ok, no error messages, but the list has no subscribers ( should have 150 or so.)

VM Pro, same version on both machines.

In terms of this site I can easily copy the subscriber list to populate on the new box, but I have another couple dozen sites to deal with and don’t want to be mired. ideas? Diagnostics? More info that might be useful?



I just came across the same issue - i added the webmin-virtualmin-mailman and mailman packages as advised elsewhere here (via the usual “Package from APT” install on system packages) but unfortunately i did that after i have restored my backup to the new server - meh (and the incremental one of course didn’t have them in).

So am looking for some sort of export/import for the lists… will come back here if i fond one :slight_smile: Meanwhile, any pointers gratefully accepted!

jonny B

Mailman was removed from the default installation for Virtualmin 6, but it can be added back in easily (and the Mailman plugin is still supported…we just did a new release a few days ago).

Mailman lists should be restore-able from backups as long as you have Mailman and the Virtualmin Mailman plugin packages installed, and you’ve enabled it in the Features and Plugins page (on CentOS you’d need to also create the default “mailman” mailing list, as well, but I think the Debian/Ubuntu package does that automatically), and made sure the mailman service is running. I should add that to the virtualmin-config tool now that I’m thinking of it…

If it doesn’t restore your mailing lists, it’s a bug. Report it and we’ll get it fixed. We’ll need to see whatever errors you get when trying to restore them.