Maildir/.Sent vs Maildir/.sentmail

Hello everyone,

I have look (google, forums, linux forums, postfix forums, dovecot forums, etc) and have not found the solution to my question. I have a fresh install of Virtualmin/Webmin

Webmin version 1.955 Usermin version 1.803
Virtualmin version 6.12 Operating system CentOS Linux 7.8.2003

My problem is that when I go to Servers | Read User Mail and select a user, in the dropdown for the folder to view there are two sent mail folders - Maildir/.Sent and Maildir/.sentmail.

While this doesn’t post much of an issue reading mail through here or through a webmail client, when using Outlook, it expects to save and show sent mail (by default) in the Maildir/.Sent directory.

How can I configure my server to stop creating the .sentmail directory and instead simply create the Maildir/.Sent folder that is expected.

I would really appreciate any help on this as it is driving me crazy. One caveat: I do not want to have to configure the end client (Outlook) and I really don’t want to have to manually configure every new virtual server, I just want that as a default.



As do we all, my friend.


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from virtualmin -> system settings -> virtualmin configuration -> look under “Actions upon server and user creation”
changes apply to new virtual hosts i believe… you have to manually change existing domains.


Yes, but what happens when someone using an iPhone or iPad connect via IMAP? The non-default folders will then be created. Sad but that’s how it is.

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@dimitrist Thank you for that, I think that is what I was looking for. I will test and report back by tomorrow if this worked.

@calport I read something about using Dovecot to take care of that issue, I’ll try to dig it up and reference it here (I haven’t tested it as everyone in my organization uses Microsoft/Android products). Once I find it I’ll post that on here as well, maybe we can collaborate on a solution here that would be beneficial for all.



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