Mailbox still full even after size increased, disk quota turned off, and folder manually emptied

This seems to have been triggered by the email inbox size limit being exceeded when the total “disk quota” was set to the same amount (I increased the disk quota when increasing the mailbox size gave me an error). At the time, both were set to 300MB. Now the disk quota for that site is infinite and the mailbox size is 350MB.

Even though all but the last few days of messages were manually emptied and “du -sh” on the website’s folder shows 199M, “virtualmin->edit users” still shows 288.13 MiB in their main mailbox. It no longer has the “full” warning on this page but the email server behaves like it is still full (doesn’t receive email and GUI gives blank screens, gets stuck on refresh animation, or returns “disk full” messages).

When I went to “Usermin->mail” folders and it returned error:

Failed to create /home/[website-folder]/homes/[email-name]/.usermin/fetchmail : Disk quota exceeded

OS type and version ubuntu 20
Webmin version 1.990
Virtualmin version 6.17 Pro

thanks in advance,
Dustin Soodak


I tried creating new email accounts but they had the same issue. Backing up and restoring the site didn’t immediately fix it but the cached size limit refreshed after the server started receiving new emails.

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